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Indigo is committed to minimising the effect of our business activities
on the environment


We strive to achieve continuous improvement in our environmental performance and will endeavour to act as a responsible steward of the environment at all times.   We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by:

Applying the principles of sustainable development in the planning, design, operation and decommissioning of our facilities and services.

Developing management systems and empowering our employees to ensure that environmental factors are included in the balance of our entire decision making.

Leading the drive with our employees and business partners to achieve environmental improvement through the effective communication of our policy and standards.

Engaging in an open dialogue with local communities and others affected by the environmental performance of our business.

Challenging our overall environmental performance through benchmarking, targeting, auditing and public reporting of results.

Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations as a minimum standard for performance in all countries in which we operate.


Accredited Environmental Management System

Indigo’s Environmental Management System is fully accredited toISO14001:2004 by ACS Registers. Regularly reviewed and audited both internally and externally this suite of procedures provides local Contract Managers with the tools to implement sustainable practices within their operations.

Practical Commitment

Our positive policy to promote a practical day-to-day commitment to the environment and contribution of time and effect in both management and technical terms has resulted in the reduction of the environmental impact of Indigo’s business activities in the following ways:

Reducing energy usage

Wherever possible change our lighting tubes from T8 to T5 energy saving bulbs reducing the electricity used and therefore further supporting the reduction in our carbon footprint. Furthermore, at our Mayfair car park we have installed a T8 micro-processor controlled energy optimiser module that monitors electricity levels and reduces energy used, this decreases the overall consumption of energy per day.

We are installing proximity sensors that will control the electricity flow within lighting and the pay on foot machines within a number of car parks. By having the pay on foot machines on standby until somebody needs to use them and by only having lights on when someone is walking through the car park ensures that electricity costs are reduced and maintenance and replacement costs of materials are reduced. This contributes heavily to our green initiatives.

CSR on a local level

At Indigo we believe that we have a responsibility to the communities we work in. We are committed to fostering strong and long-lasting relationships and we actively encourage our employees to contribute positively to our communities. From small internal fundraising events through to sponsoring local development schemes we do our best to support the local community across all of our sites in the UK.

Here is an example of how we've helped some of our communities:

Fundraising for Community Links

Indigo partnered up with east-London based charity Community Links to offer local workers at Indigo’s West India Quay car park in Canary Wharf the opportunity to raise funds for community-based projects. These projects are designed to empower individuals in deprived neighbourhoods close to the West India Quay Car Park. Indigo’s local team decided that the best method of fundraising would be a charity abseil. The team worked with representatives from other businesses in the area and arranged for over 30 people to brave an 80ft descent down the side of the West India Quay Car Park. The event raised over £4,000 for Community Links and as Indigo had sponsored the event, every penny raised went directly to tackling poverty in East London.



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