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CCTV Enforcement within the City of London

Working in Partnership since 2001


Key Facts

  • Working in partnership since 2001

  • Static and mobile CCTV operations

  • Close work with City of London Police

Working in Partnership

Indigo was approached by City of London to undertake the task of CCTV Enforcement duties alongside our on street enforcement contract. We worked with the council to pinpoint cameras to streets which required the most enforcement due to repeat parking offences on a day to day basis.

Static Enforcement and the team

Our five strong static team are active from 7am until 7pm, 7 days a week. The level 3 BTEC CCTV Traffic Enforcement-certified Officers monitor offences during three hour camera shifts, photograph the offences and review the images for clarification on offence. Once this has been acknowledged the data is input onto a Civica system and the PCN is enforced.

Mobile enforcement with a fixed process

The Indigo Mobile Enforcement Officer operates from 8am to 5pm each day. Once the site has been located, signs are erected on lampposts warning road users that the cameras are in action. Approximately 30 minutes is spent at each location for spotting and capturing photographs of offences, as well as filling out Enforcement Log forms. This routine is thorough and often helps keep the traffic flow and congestion to a minimum, in high offending areas.

Undeniable Results

Indigo works to a stringent process while working with City of London to ensure that congestion is kept to a minimum around the busy streets of London. The constant use of CCTV enforcement has seen less than 1% of tickets go to appeal due to the use of photographic verification.

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