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Broadgreen Hospital - Design, Build, Finance and Operate Project

Outstanding multi-storey car park design

Key Facts 

  • Design, finance and build of a 759 space car park

  • Potential for growth to 1,500 spaces

  • £4.1 million investment

  • 15 year agreement

Multi-storey car park design: building for the future

Our multi-storey car park design for Broadgreen Hospital, taken from initial concept through to operation within a year, is a good example of Indigo's commitment to completing projects on time and to budget, without compromising on quality.

The revolutionary design for a 759 space multi-storey car park, which we designed under a DBFO agreement, has the capacity to be expanded to provide 1,500 spaces. Equally, the multi-storey design includes removable slabs and pad foundations, so that a tower crane can build additional platforms when they are needed.

A multi-storey design which kept the hospital working

The design of this multi-storey car park was modular, so it could be built one section at a time. This means that no more than 100 spaces were unavailable at any one time, minimising disruption to staff, patients and visitors. This approach also meant we could increase the original car park's 400 spaces in just four months.

A multi-storey car park design which considers customers

Following completion of the car park which opened within 12 months of breaking ground, we are now responsible for parking management across the hospital site.

The service we provide to staff, patients and other visitors extends far beyond what most parking operators would offer. We run free courtesy buses to the main hospital site five days a week and offer a range of helpful free services, from umbrella loans to extra help for those that may be less mobile.

Our staff are sensitive to the hospital environment and understand patients and employees and other visitors may be under significant stress, so we ensure they adopt an empathetic and understanding approach to all situations.

We're proud to be involved with the car park design, build and operation of such an innovative project. As our partnership with Broadgreen grows stronger over our 15 year contract, we look forward to seeing the car park expand too.

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