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Milton Keynes Cash Collection

Managing the entire process from start to finish

Key Facts

  • End to end cash management services

  • Eight contracts across three counties

  • Totally secure cash-   handling, auditing and accountability

  • No reliance on third party contractors

Cash collection

Indigo has dedicated team at Milton Keynes to provide a complete cash collection package, including counting and banking. The Milton Keynes Cash Management team work with several major Indigo clients from a range of sectors including local authority, retail and healthcare, to provide a co-ordinated process which involves:

  • Collection of cash from pay and display machines at client sites
  • Transportation of cash boxes to the centralised depot at Milton Keynes in a highly secure vehicle
  • Collation of cash box contents with full audit check performed by the Contract Manager
  • Safe and secure storage pending transfer to the bullion centre in Coventry

Experience that counts

Indigo manages the entire process, giving clients a totally secure auditing and accountability procedure.  The security of the vehicles and cash counting units at Milton Keynes reassures all clients that their money is monitored and safe every step of the way.

All employees at the Milton Keynes base have received full Indigo cash collection training, and receive continuous on the job training to ensure the strict procedures and policies are maintained on the job.

A growing service

The Indigo Milton Keynes team has effectively demonstrated the scope for achieving substantial economies of scale from centralising and co-ordinating the critical cash collection element of the parking management process. This not only demonstrates a working system for supporting contracts but also minimises multiple suppliers by bringing the whole process in house.

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