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Milton Keynes, Part of the English Partnership 

Car park management - a client relationship spanning over 10 years


Key Facts

  • Working in partnership since 2004

  • NVQ trained attendants

  • Permit management and notice processing centre

  • Cash collection and banking with a full audit trail

Cultivating Relationships

Indigo and the English Partnership have created a long term partnership spanning almost ten years. Indigo has provided a range of parking management solutions tailored to the client for surface car parks, and we believe that our success is down to the commitments of our team and the strong working relationship we have built up with the client.

Management and service approach

We supervise permit management and notice processing, and run an on-site Parking Shop for customer enquiries which provides a centralised base for all staff. We also maintain all parking equipment, operate a cash collection service and have installed clear signage around all sites.

The right people

All Indigo staff are trained in car park management and off-street enforcement. This not only ensures the up-most professionalism but also meets industry standard for car park management.

Constant Improvements

We have worked with English Partnership to improve our services throughout the contract. Since the start of the relationship, we have incorporated technical maintenance for machines, an exclusive cash delivery and processing centre and innovative parking scratch cards. Our car park management service has improved the appearance and operational running of the car parks while increasing revenue for the client.

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