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The Fremlin Walk Shopping Centre, Maidstone

Offering an exceptional service for customers visiting Maidstone


Key Facts

• A 770 space shopping centre car park

• Awarded the Safer Parking Award

• Open 7 days a week

Working with the local area

From acquiring Fremlin Walk in 2010, Indigo worked with the client and shopping centre to turn the site into a fully functioning operational service for customers visiting Maidstone Town Centre. The site is within safe walking distance for visiting the local restaurants and theatre performances which is helpful in offering promotions and discounts within the local area.

Environmentally Friendly

To fit in line with Indigo’s green initiatives the site has been fitted out with a light sensor method which allows lighting to function at 10% capacity to save power when no-one is in the car park. The sensors will pick up any movement and lighting will return to full capacity providing a safe environment for customers entering the car park.

A service for all users

Fremlin Walk has a centralised Parking Shop to deal with enquiries and Indigo and Fremlin Walk shopping centre security regularly patrol the car park during opening and closing times to maximise security and presence throughout the car park. This has resulted in the car park being awarded the Safer Parking Award.

The added service

At Indigo we are always looking for ways for our contracts to expand and working with local businesses in their areas. The team at Fremlin Walk have added an additional service to the car park working with Car Valet UK Ltd. The site offers a washing and valet service which is open 7 days a week. This is not only a positive example of working in partnership with a local business but brings in additional custom and revenue to the car park on a regular basis.

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