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Slough Borough Council

Working with the local community to produce an efficient parking enforcement service

Slough Parking Shop Large

Key facts

•  Working in partnership with Slough Borough Council since 2010

•  On and Off street parking enforcement

•  A fully integrated Parking Shop to service the community

Taking Control

Indigo started working with Slough Borough Council in 2010 to provide on and off street services in the local community. We offered Slough a unique partnership approach and were able to provide them with a team which delivered fantastic results from the centralised Parking Shop.

The Team and Fleet

We appointed an experienced implementation manager who quickly established the operation with minimum disruption to the ongoing enforcement. Through organisation of shifts, understanding of beat patrols and cash collection the team brought together an extensive knowledge of the parking industry, with over 40 years of parking experience between them. As the borough of Slough covers a large area, low emission vehicles are used to ensure efficient deployment and to comply with Indigo and the Council's environmental policy which consists of two cars, three scooters and two bicycles.

Meeting Objectives

Indigo's main objective was to ensure the enforcement operation achieved results and to implement a strategy to make sure the public complied with parking and loading restriction/controls in the surrounding areas. Indigo deploy 14 CEOs throughout the week on foot patrol which acts as a visible deterrent, alongside this we have six security officers for the councils multi-storey car parks which allows a patrol to run every 30 minutes.

A Smooth Operation

Indigos aims to make the customers life easier at all times. All permit management is run from the Parking Shop along with providing member of the public with any advice or assistance relating to parking. A dedicated telephone line has been provided for the public to also answer any queries. By introducing this base for customers to pop into, we have pushed customer service to a new level within the parking industry, all staff are aware of the policies and procedures to deal with the enquiries and act as an outstanding representative for the Indigo brand.

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