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Ninewells Hospital Mobility Scheme

Helping to implement an award winning mobility scheme


Key Facts

• Working with the Client  since 2003

• Major investment leading to major gains within added services   

• A dedicated staff parking office for all customer queries

Researching the concept

Indigo has worked with the client at Ninewells hospital to implement an award winning solution to solve the problem of the abuse of onsite disabled parking. We conducted an independent review group before introducing a plan to implement a small parking charge for disabled patients, while also offering 2,800 parking permits each month for outpatients who are long-term users.

Implementing the change

The extra parking fees raised were used to offer free electric scooters and wheelchairs for mobility impaired patients. These operate from a centralised hospital mobility office at the car park with fully trained and efficient staff on site to help with customer inquiries. The staff provide full training for use of the electric wheelchair and ensure the customer is operating the chair safely and sensibly.

A rewarding result

The scheme was a huge success, with several hundred users signing up to the service in the first month. It was the first project of its kind in the UK and by providing the solution to parking problems on site, showed a positive example of partnership between Indigo and the NHS on Tayside.

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