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Innovative parking solutions for education

Providing an academic approach to parking

Indigo offer client's timely solutions for a first class result in car park management at educational based sites. We aim to work with the client to plan out a course of action to reduce inconveniences such as heavy traffic flow and staff needed for security patrols.

As car park management professionals, we can manage as much of the contract as needed on site and individually tailor solutions and operational packages to suit your needs.


By outsourcing your car parking needs to Indigo, we ensure you get a top level service and are involved in every stage of the process, limiting your problems and maximising your investment.

We work with several universities and educational sites across the UK and the case study below outlines one of our larger projects in more detail.

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University of Wales Institute Cardiff

Explore a safer approach to educational parking management, incorporating a full Client action plan from start to finish.

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