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Staff at Derriford Hospital get a green ride


The six thousand staff members at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, will be able to do their bit for the environment, before they even get into work. Vinci Park which manages car parks for 16 hospital trusts across the UK, has introduced environmentally friendly buses which use hybrid technology to the staff park and ride service.

The new busses, which have been introduced following consultations with the Trust on improving services, will help the hospital to reduce its carbon footprint and make parking easier. They will also allow staff to be picked up more frequently from more convenient sites, which will be expanded to include more spaces.

The new bus service is part of a contract awarded to Vinci Park by Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The company has been providing the hospital with an integrated parking, security management and grounds maintenance service since January. Committed to investing in cleaner, brighter and more efficient car parks, Vinci Park is investing £1 million to accommodate the changes to the site.

Mark Evans, Vinci Park UK's Chief Executive Officer, commented: "The introduction of the hybrid buses is a significant step forward in our plans to improve services at Derriford Hospital. As the green agenda moves ever higher on the list of NHS priorities, hospitals will continue to seek ways to be more environmentally friendly. The continuing success of this scheme shows how the public sector and private companies can work together to cut carbon footprint and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases with measures that will also help cost savings."

14 April 2012

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