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How do I pay my PCN?

Please visit You can pay through our PCN payment website

PCN/PN Appeals

You can appeal through the online portal We no longer accept PCN/PN appeals via email.

How do I purchase a Taxi Permit online?

Please go to the Taxi Portal to purchase your permit: To help you navigate through this, download a copy of the User Guide here: User Guide.

I require more information about your corporate services, where do I find this?

Please visit our You can find it on our Corporate Website

If I book parking with you, am I guaranteed a space?

You can find more information about our terms and conditions here.

How do I contact a specific car park?

Please visit our contact us page

The voucher code I’m using isn’t working, what do I do?

Please email and our team will help.

I’d like to purchase a season pass at one of your non bookable car parks, what should I do?

Visit the Parking Shop at the car park and our team will happily help you, or please visit our contact us page to call them directly

Can my season pass be used at more than one of your sites?

Not at the moment, although we are working on this so we'll let you know when you can.

I have forgotten my account login, what do I do?

Click on the login tab and select forgotten password, enter your email address and your username and your details will be emailed to you

The web page I’m trying to access is broken, what should I do?

Please email the details to and our team will help

The car park I’m looking for isn’t available on your website?

Please email and provide details of what you’re looking for

I’m having an issue booking my parking, who should I call?

Please call 01908 223500 and we’ll direct your call to someone who can help

What payment methods are accepted online?

We accept, Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, and Electron

Where can I find information about working for Indigo?

Please visit our careers page

I have a complaint, where should I direct this?

Please email and we’ll respond to you within 10 working days.

I would like a refund on my season ticket. How much should I expect to receive?

The cost of a monthly, quarterly or annual season ticket offers a heavily discounted rate against the daily tariff. Should you wish to discontinue the use of your season ticket then a refund will be calculated based against the original cost of the season ticket minus the cost of prior usage. This prior usage amount is calculated using either the equivalent daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly rate charge as a base amount (whichever is applicable to the refund request period). Therefore, if an annual ticket has been purchased and a refund required after six months your refund will be based on the difference between the cost of 2 x quarterly tickets and the price you paid on the annual ticket. The refund will be calculated and offered in line with this calculation. Example : Annual season ticket = £1,000 Refund requested after 6 months of usage Quarterly season ticket = £350 6 month cost calculated using 2 x quarterly charges of £350 = £700 Refunded amount = £1,000 - quarterly charges of £700 = £300 refund

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